Project Description:

Reflection Field/Sun Stand is a freestanding steel and mirror tile sculpture that will inhabit an outdoor space.  The structure, or Sun Stand will work in concert with the surrounding environment.  By utilizing the light of the sun and the reflective quality of mirrors and polished steel, I intend to amplify the space between the stand and the landscape details it faces. 

Inspired by Robert Smithson’s Project Incidents of Mirror-Travel in the Yucatan, where he set up square mirrors in the ground to reflect the jungle terrain, my Reflection Field will mix regular and colorfully tinted 4” x 4” mirror tiles to create a sculptural presence that shares many characteristics of a cloud. 

The stand will incorporate hundreds of tiles within its 12’ x 6’ grid-like structure.  The work will be fastened into the ground via toggle bolts or rest in heavy cement cast bases that can be incorporated into the design.   Each mirror will be hinged at different degrees on an axis perpendicular to the ground, so that it can swivel 360 degrees in relation to the effects of the wind.  This will result in numerous reflections of a multitude of different surroundings. 

                                        all images © Adam 2013